Happy Halloween - From A Witch And Her Little Monsters

Hope your day is spooktacular!!



Project Life Spreads using Favorite Things Edition

I have really been having fun playing with the Heidi Swapp Favorite Things kit. I love the happy, bright, feminine colors and designs which compliment my life so well. I wish I had 10 more of these kits!

Here is another spread using the same kit, along with the foil kit - and the fun camera insert!

I know I'm such a slacker with posting my PL layouts - you know how life gets. I keep thinking things will slow down at some point, but they never seem to. I just love that, no matter how busy life gets, I can always keep up documenting my life with photos because of the simplicity of Project Life. It has been a game changer for me since day 1. I can't stress enough how much I love this system!!


We Did It. Family Photos 2014

 Time to breathe a sigh of relief - family photos for 2014 are DONE! 

There are so many variables that come into play when planning for photos. Coordinating clothes without having to buy a new wardrobe for the whole family, weather (will there be sun? clouds? rain? snow? - we do live in Canada, it happens),  finding a good location for that time of day, hoping the kids cooperate, hoping I don't break an ankle while running madly from the camera and into the shot before the self-timer goes off - honestly, I need to invest in a clicker. I kid you not, it kept me up at night worrying about getting these done. Does that happen to you? As a family photographer, let me take this moment to say - I understand!!!
 In the end, we managed a couple of different shots that I'm happy with - and can I give a shout out to my amazing hubby who was a master of the bug spray, and my awesome girls who couldn't have cooperated any better. BEST!
 Thankfully, we had most of the grey, denim, and turquoise clothing already in our closets, and the blown-up portait will look great in our livingroom which is decorated in these colors. Bonus!

We also managed to get some nice individual shots of my girls. I just love them so much!! And, they are gorgeous. I know, I'm biased.... but, come on!
 And, of course, I can't forget my main man. Seriously, he is such a babe. I'm so lucky to have him. 
 I decided, on a whim, to let my hubby snap a photo of me. My self-image hasn't been great, lately, so I really wasn't excited about it, but my kids made me laugh and my hubby got a shot of me that I don't totally hate :) You know what? I actually kind of love it. What I see in this photo is a great new hair cut, some smiling green eyes, and a happy gal who feels extra blessed these days. Life. Is. Good.